Jul. 4th, 2012

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I have one thing to say:

We hit 102ยบ today, and may get three in a row. Other than that, it's been in the '90s. Ugh. Way too hot to do much of anything.

The neighborhood 4th of July parade goes right in front of my building, so we went down to enjoy that. The usual politicians, kids on bikes, etc. There's a party in a park a few blocks away afterwards, but I didn't feel I could handle the heat. But my sisters walked down to check it out.

Cathy came in on Saturday, and on Sunday we went up to my friend Margaret's for dinner. We hung out and grilled, and Cathy had made gluten-free cream puffs which were excellent. When we got home, we were just coming off the Drive when we saw Stacey trolling for a parking spot. It was pretty tough because so many people were hanging out in the park down the street from me to avoid the heat, so she ended up a few blocks away.

We mostly just hung out inside because of the heat, but yesterday went to have dinner with some old family friends.

Stacey left this afternoon as she has to be at work tomorrow, but Cathy will be here until Friday. It's good to have them visit!

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