Ducky day!

Jun. 1st, 2011 11:39 am
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After a cold and rainy weekend, Memorial Day did, indeed, turn out beautiful. After running an errand on North Michigan Avenue, I went back south to the Art Institute, planning on just wandering a bit in the Japanese galleries (which I did). However, I discovered that it was the last day of the exhibit of French Renaissance art. I'd had it in mind to see that again, but thought it had closed, so when I discovered that it was still up, of course I had to go through it. I also visited the exhibit Altered and Adorned: Using Renaissance Prints in Daily Life. People stuck things in books and forgot about them even back then:
The Nuremberg Chronicle, Michael Wolgemut and workshop, 1493

I decided to have lunch in the sun, at the museum's McClintock Court, where I watched a duck swimming around in the fountain:
Duck at McClintock Court fountain

And then I had duck salad for lunch. Sorry, guy.

When I got home, I made the summer's first batch of iced tea, and sat out on the back porch with a glass of tea and a book.

All told, a very enjoyable day!
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