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I took the day off work on Thursday so that I could get the house straightened up, wrap presents, and do what remained of the grocery shopping. The folks from the CSA dropped off my holiday order Tuesday night, so I had plenty of fruits & veggies, but there were still things like meat and bread and other odds and ends to get. Stacey got here shortly before six o'clock, and I fixed spaghetti with mushrooms and bell peppers and black olives and capers, plus a salad, for dinner. Then we hung out until it was time to go to the airport to get Cathy, whose plane, wonder of wonders! was actually nearly a half-hour early.

On Christmas morning, we had breakfast and then exchanged gifts. Cathy gave me the exhibition catalogue from the Guild of Book Workers show, Marking Time, as well as some lovely bath oils and a little ceramic bell in the shape of a tiger (because 2010 is the year of the tiger). From Stacey, yummy artisanal chocolates, a brooch made by a local (Cleveland) artist who uses bits of broken crockery, a letterpress calendar and a couple of small blank books.

Cathy and I gave Stacey the same book! It's Zydeco!, by Ben Sandmel. It was pretty funny, because she opened a gift and Cathy immediately started describing how she'd been to the Library Bookshop and seen the book and knew right away it was perfect for Stacey, and I said, "Wait a minute! You got her that, too?" because I thought S. had opened my present. Which she had, because I got her the paperback and C. got her the hardback. We were in stitches for quite a while over that one. I guess it goes to show that we are well attuned to each other's tastes, perhaps too well!

We had latkes and green beans and pork chops for dinner, and chocolate cake for dessert. Then lazing around reading books and listening to holiday music the rest of the day. (Cathy got a CD of baroque Christmas music, so between that and WFMT's broadcast of Amahl and the Night Visitors, we were fixed.)

Today we did a few errands and went to the local used bookstores, where I acquired Stendahl's Three Italian Chronicles as well as Nelle Carceri di G.B. Piranesi. Browsing Powell's, I also came across a gorgeous book from a exhibition at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, which I didn't buy, but might in the future. But it did reveal to me the existence of the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, which is now high on my list of "must see" places in Florence.

We lunched at a local Thai noodle restaurant, so had a light dinner of salad, carrots and a rice dish with onions and bell peppers. Grapes and pomegranate seeds for dessert.

I managed to smash a glass water pitcher when I was clearing the table. Not a valuable one, but a nice one, so it's a pity. On the bright side, it was empty except for a few drops of water.

I'm thinking that this will be my last year for a Christmas tree. It's too much of a hassle to haul it up three flights of stairs and try to get it straight in the stand by myself. I'm rather hoping some bright person decides to set up a "rent a tree" outfit like they have in a couple of other cities. Otherwise, I'll stick to a wreath and some pine boughs.

Date: 2009-12-27 06:49 am (UTC)
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Sounds absolutely blissful. I was reminiscing about other Christmases, and remembered one when I had a dinner just for my girlfriends just before going away for the holidays, and how great it was. That was around 12 years ago now, and never have been able to repeat it, what with everyone spread out all over.

It is marvellous to be so in tune with each other. I wish you many more such occasions!

Oh, and I haven't thought about Amahl and the Night Visitors since school. What memories your mention of that brought back!

Date: 2009-12-27 01:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I was thinking that a tabletop-sized Christmas tree might be in order.

Glad you had a lovely day with your family.

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