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Saturday was really hot. But I did not let that stop me. I went over to the farmers' market, and stayed, sitting in the hot sun, while chef Micheal Anthony made summer spring rolls, one with fruit and one with veggies. Absolutely delicious, and definitely worth hanging around for. I didn't buy as much as I usually do, because my sisters are coming in later this week, and my older sister warned me not to buy any tomatoes or zucchini, as she is apparently bringing in a carload from her garden!

I debated whether or not to go to the Ginza Holiday Festival at the Midwest Buddhist Temple. I'd missed it the last couple of years, but wasn't sure if I wanted to deal with the heat, as it's mostly outdoors. In the end, I decided that I really didn't want to miss it again, so I hopped a bus and then the train to the north side. At the train station, I saw this sign, which struck me as very odd:

Do they realize what they've said here?

I ordinarily have the teriyaki chicken at the Festival, but it was a bit hot for that this year. I did spend more time in the basement of the Temple where the ikebana, bonsai, sumi-e and calligraphy demonstrations were, skipping the martial arts demos that were on the stage outside.


Yesterday, I had to be in two places at once. Corey Wilkes was playing a concert at the Smart Museum at 2:00. The weather had moderated a bit, and the band was playing outdoors under a tent. Unexpectedly, there were also snacks. I got my "Passport to Jazz" stamped; this was stamp #5, so I will now get preferred seating at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival.
Corey Wilkes and friends

At 3:00 artist Jennifer Mannebach was giving a talk at the Art Center about her site-specific piece, Pantheon Wave:
Pantheon Wave, by Jennifer Mannebach
Since I own one of her pieces, and love her work, I really wanted to go to that, too.

I did manage to make it to both events, though had to leave the concert at the break. It was all rather an odd coincidence, because I had first seen Mannebach's work at a River West gallery where I had gone to hear Corey Wilkes performing with Kahil El'Zabar.

After Mannebach's talk, I stopped at the Istria Café, which is attached to the Art Center, for some hazelnut gelato. Yum. Then I went home and made an excellent dinner. I had a boneless veal breast, made a pocket in it, and stuffed that with leftover couscous, mushrooms and onions, browned it and then roasted it with a variety of carrots and some rosemary from my back porch. Delish.

Somewhere in all there, I did a bunch of laundry, paid some bills and straightened up around the house, in anticipation of the aforesaid family visit.

Sad and glad news in the world of jazz.

The very great and wonderful photographer Herman Leonard died on Saturday. He was 87. I am fortunate to own his devastatingly haunting photo of Billie Holiday:

Take five, Mr. Leonard:
Take five

An amazing collection of live performances from the '30s, made by sound engineer William Savory, and stashed away for decades, has been acquired by the National Jazz Museum in New York City. They've begun the lengthy task of digitizing it. Story from the NYT, with audio/video.

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Sounds like another excellent weekend! I went to the finca to stock up on veggies yesterday, and we were talking about the importance of buying locally in order to support local businesses as well as for health reasons, and it occured to me that so far as I know, in European cities you don't usually find these kind of Farmers' Markets. I stand to be corrected. There is a fine one here in the captial, Santa Cruz, but this is a small island. I don't remember them or hear about them outside of country towns in the UK, for instance. So it seems to me you're really lucky to have the best of both worlds there! All the cultural delights of a city together with the freshness of the countryside!

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