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I picked Cathy up at the airport on Tuesday evening. Her plane was late, having been delayed leaving SF, which meant hanging around the airport longer than anticipated. What I had forgotten was that there is no place at all at Midway to sit down and have a drink or a cup of tea outside the security perimeter, which is ridiculous. Fortunately, I had a book with me (I know, big surprise).

We went up to the Green City Market on Wednesday, and picked up a few things, though not a lot of veggies as Stacey had warned me that she would be bringing a bunch. Then we pretty much relaxed, and Cathy made chicken with a mushroom sauce for dinner. Thursday, Cathy wanted to go to the neighborhood used bookstores, so why was it that I came home with books and she didn't? Stacey arrived in the late afternoon and we had latkes for dinner. I know, I know, you're supposed to have those at Hanukkah, but it's become rather a tradition for us. We all stayed up late to watch White Christmas.

On Friday, we all went downtown to the Christkindlmarket. I bought myself a pair of earrings and Stacey bought some cute tree ornaments for a friend of hers. It seems to me as though every year there are more food stalls, but we did not indulge. We were going to go to the Cultural Center, but they were closed, so we headed to the Art Institute. It was pretty empty, which was actually rather nice. Cathy wanted to see the new Asian galleries, and Stacey the photography galleries, so we did that and then had a cup of hot chocolate in the members lounge. Dinner was butternut squash ravioli with a light zucchini cream sauce. Then Stacey made chocolate chip cookies (also a tradition).

Christmas morning Cathy made pancakes. Delish. Presents were exchanged. Best: Stacey gave me dried herbs from her own garden and Cathy gave me a gorgeous book of paper crafts/art, Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut. The latter may cost me as one of the items in it is this pop-up book that is really a lamp! I am very tempted.

Dinner involved roasting: lamb, Yukon potatoes (I now know Cathy's trick for getting them nice and crispy), and beets, plus salad. Chocolate mousse for dessert.

We are headed out later today to another bookstore, and dinner tonight at a friend's. We are bringing a flourless chocolate cake. It's so nice to have a sister who's a chef!

Cathy is staying until Tuesday and Stacey until Wednesday. I had originally intended to take off Wednesday and Thursday of this week (Friday the office was closed), and go back to work on Monday. But I realized that I really had nothing going on early in the week, so I will take off Monday and Tuesday as well.
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