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Last week, I was out every single night (except Sunday). Two operas, a board meeting, an event at the Art Institute, the Symphony, and the annual dinner of the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I also gave a bunch of 4th-graders a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio, and a couple of days later went to their class to help with a workshop on Froebel blocks. Over the last couple of years of tour-giving, I have come to the conclusion that 4th-graders are the best age! They are curious and excited and not afraid to show it. Give them a couple of more years and they'll be "too cool for school", as they saying goes. Saturday I braved very nasty weather to go to the IACDL board meeting, which I left a bit early to get to my book club (the last of the year). We got our reading list for next year, and I have already ordered the books that I don't already own, so I'll be all set.

This week, however, it's pretty quiet. I have nothing scheduled during the day except my trainer today and Thursday (yes, I'm working out on Thanksgiving), and my Gilda's Club group today. I didn't have any evening events, until I suddenly discovered today that tomorrow is the annual Latke-Hamentaschen Debate, and I really enjoy those, so I'll go. It's scheduled to start at 7:30, but I know from experience that I'd better get there very early to get in. My older sister is coming in for my annual Sunday-after-Thanksgiving Open House (I'm spending my days cleaning and shopping for that), but won't arrive until very late Friday night (technically, Saturday morning!). I did buy some pumpkin ravioli so we can have a belated vegetarian Thanksgiving. She leaves very late Monday night, so we'll go to a Music of the Baroque concert that evening - Handel's Judas Maccabeus.

I bought a new iMac about two weeks ago, and am still getting used to some new behaviors, like the mouse taking me to prior web pages if I brush it the wrong way! I was way overdue - my old computer was from 2006. This one has a larger screen, which is nice, and I can actually use some websites with this version of Safari that I couldn't with the older one (yes, Snow Leopard - I told you it was ancient).
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